Revolution Radio

Revolution Radio

Who We are

Revolution Radio is an online radio station and podcast studio located in Elyria, Ohio, right in the heart of Lorain County.  The station was established in 2019 and began broadcasting in February, 2020.

Revolution Radio is staffed by local executives, artists, on-air personalities and promoters who each bring individual talent to form a collaborative team dedicated to providing premium programming for everyone. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen and enrich our community by actively engaging our listeners through programming that is informative, thought-provoking, innovative, entertaining and service oriented.  Our mission is to build community by bringing people together with communication. 

As we look at where we are now and look ahead to where we want to be, we know that our future depends on our ability to connect with our community and our audiences in many different ways.

It is our vision to build an independent, sustainable and award-winning online radio station and podcast studio housed in a permanent location large enough to accommodate our anticipated growth.  We expect to expand our listener base from local and regional to national and international audiences.  We will use the latest technology to support our ability to meet our listener’s wide ranging expectations.  

It is our vision to engage, inspire and inform our listeners using programming with diverse topics and platforms and we will strive for program excellence, both in content and technique.

Our Vision